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About Us

Ultraviolet Tuxedo is an agile team dedicated to permanent and temporary experiential events. Best known for the “real world” bars The Other Door and Risky Business we continue to provide one-of-a-kind menus, curated experience boxes and one-off events at multiple locations.

Additionally, we provide festival camp organizers a number of “real-world” products to help with their planning needs.


Please email all orders to [email protected] for a proforma invoice

Why do we request you contact us for orders? Products are listed here with full MSRP and have considerable discounts on ordering. Additionally, many of the products are unreasonable to ship, but, are often available via bespoke methods of conveyence. Additional, many of our “fit for purpose” products are best to be walked through to confirm they will work for your purposes. Finally, many of our products require additional accessories that are best walked through by hand.

Product Price Description
Water Drum (55 Gallons) $150.00
Shade Cloth (40% 20’x30') $150.00
Camp Chef Oven $300.00
Canopy Footpad (3/4") $5.00
Canopy Roof Joint 5-Way (3/4") $9.00
NSF Shelf (24"x48") $200.00